Dear Visitor,
We cordially welcome you to our WebSite!
On our web-site you are going to find a unique
selection of a designed clothes for women.  It
has been hand picked from hundreds of styles to
bring you the best styles and the best fit.
Wholesale information
The pieces presented on our web-site are for
wholesale only.  If you would like to purchase the
clothes anyway, please contact us by e-mail.
Philosophy of our company
Creative design
Affordable prices
Immediate order fulfillment
Quality of our products
The clothes that we design and create is made from materials which are shipped from different
countries in order to meet perfection of our expectations.  If the best is out there, we are going to
find it and get it for our customers.  We strive to deliver quality and not just quantity.
Lorina La Zinni Inc
exclusive design of fashion clothes