About Us
Va'Loren exists for 18 years.  We are manufacturing Laddies Apparel, like
blouses, suits and corporate wear.  Va'Loren perfects our fashionable
designs.  We choose only the best designs and manufacturers.
The Goals:
The goal of Va'Loren is to be reliable and responsible wholesaler, who seeks to
satisfy our customer in every aspect of the design; as well as fulfilling and shipping
orders all over U.S. and Internationally in a fast efficient manner.
Philosophy of Va'Loren:
Creative Design
Affordable Prices
Immediate order fulfillment
Visit us in person in Manhattan:
265 West 37 St, Floor 12A
New York, NY 10018
Telephones, Fax and E-mail:
Phone. (212) 268-6641
Fax: (212) 643-0243
Cell: (646) 229-9024
Lorina La Zinni Inc
exclusive design of fashion clothes